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Face Fit Testing for Employees

  What is Face Fit Testing? Face fit testing is a means of ensuring the correct mask is worn to protect the user.  Recent research shows that approximately 50% of masks worn do not offer the wearer an adequate level…

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As from the 1st January 2018 The Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) qualification has been re-named Certificated Surveyor of Timber & Dampness in Buildings, (CSTDB)  however, the  existing CSRT qualification will continue to be recognised as a professional qualification…

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Dry-Rot Outbreak and Treatment

A report on our findings was sent to the client together with a quotation of costs. During a Damp and Timber Survey, our Surveyor suspected a problem with the timber floor. Photos taken at random showed an outbreak of Dry-Rot Fungus. …

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Rising Damp in an internal wall.

Rising Damp Works carried out to a property in Leatherhead.     This week we completed some work to address Rising Dampness at a property in Leatherhead.   Rising Damp had been identified by a Property Care Association (PCA) independent surveyor.   These…

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New Damp and Timber Exams are coming soon.

Exciting News: Damp and Timber exams are changing   The PCA ( Property Care Association)   our regulatory body,  has been awarded the status of approved centre for the Awarding Body of the Built Environment  (ABBE) The current examination process was reviewed by…

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What is a Damp and Timber in contact Survey ?

Damp and Timber Survey when buying a property Have you been asked for a damp and timber survey? What does ” Timbers in Contact” mean? Most people are flummoxed by the “timbers in contact” phrase . Basically, it’s the timbers…

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Air Bricks and their purpose

  We are often asked why air bricks in the wall are important. Another question we are regularly asked is “ What does my Mortgage Valuer/Surveyor mean by “improve the sub floor ventilation”? In simple terms, an air brick is…

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Future surveyor?

Why do you charge for your surveys?

WHY DO YOU CHARGE FOR YOUR SURVEYS WHEN SOME OTHER COMPANIES DON’T ?             Please let me explain: As a company we take pride in our efficiency.  Everything is communicated in writing for complete transparency…

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Property Care Association AGM, 2015

Shaw Admin

We recently attended the AGM of our regulatory body the PCA held at Cambridge University. This is the highlight of the industries calendar where the cream of the industry get to dress posh and have, what is essentially a jolly…

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