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Very occasionally we need to return to carry out repairs where properties have been treated by us under the terms of your guarantee.

To carry out an initial investigation requires a fee, which is fully refundable in the event of a claim being justified. In the event of an unjustified claim the fee is not returnable. Please contact the office for current prices.

For damp/wall-tie investigations, it may be necessary to drill small holes in the walls in question and also for a sample of plaster or timber to be taken for laboratory tests. For timber investigations we may need to lift floorboards.

In order that you do not waste money unnecessarily, there are certain simple checks that you should carry out for yourself in the first instance.

(a) Have any of the gutters, down-pipes, hopper heads or tiles become displaced or broken leading to water running down and into he walls?

(b) Are any of the gutters or hopper heads blocked, causing water to run down the wall and are the sealings around the windows and door frames watertight, preventing driven-in rain from seeping into walls?

(c) If your property is rendered, is this cracked, hollow or flaking allowing water in?

(d) Has the damp proof course (subsequent to installation) been overlapped (bridged) by rendering work, or by raising the outside ground or path level(s)?

(e) Do you have a leaking overflow or outside tap?

(f) Do you have any internal leaks from plumbing? (Check particularly the hose connections on dishwashers and washing machines).

(g) Condensation is also often a problem and some of the ready indicators of this are liquid water on windows and window sills, steaming up of the windows and mould growth (green of black spots), usually in corners and/or behind wardrobes or other items located adjacent to external walls.

(h) And finally check that the suspect walls are actually covered by the guarantee and are on the plan.

If you are comfortable that none of these problems relate to your complaint, please complete the form below. Once we have received this, we will process the form and you should receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours.


If you would like other areas inspected, please advise us prior to our arrival to allow sufficient time (A further charge may be payable) Please provide this information separately using our contact page.

Copies of the following documents must be forwarded to us either by email or by post.

(a)              Certificate of guarantee specifying the work guaranteed

(b)              Report(s)  and any drawings/plans relating to it.

(c)               Invoice showing works.

By submitting this claim form I understand that a fee is payable for an inspection but if the claim is justified, my payment will be returned in full and remedial repairs will be carried out free of charge.


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