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Wall-Tie Replacement and Inspections

Contrary to popular belief, Properties built with cavity walls and metal ties have been in use since the beginning of the 19th Century. wall-ties were made using cast iron, wrought iron and steel, all of which are susceptible to corrosion; the outer leaf usually deteriorating more rapidly than the inner leaf. Today properties are constructed using Stainless Steel which is not affected by corrosion due to dampness.

Once corroded the ties rust which can increase its size by up to four times its original thickness, this in turn has the ability to split the brickwork and mortar causing structural problems. Similarly, the property may have been constructed using an inadequate amount of wall ties.

Common signs of Wall-Tie failure include bulging walls, misalignment of slates, sagging lintels, and horizontal cracking where urgent advice should be sought.

Contact our office where Wall-Tie failure is suspected to arrange an inspection. This will involve locating the ties using a metal detector then drilling a series of small holes into the mortar in order to insert a borescope to examine the condition and type of the ties.   The holes will are made good or left open, (for your own representatives to inspect) depending on your requirements.

A full written report giving our findings, recommendations and if found necessary, a quotation.

We began replacing defective ties and issuing guarantees in 1981 for a local housing authority. Since then, our customers have included domestic and commercial clients.

We are aware that over time, methods, materials and Building Regs change and in order to keep our knowledge up to date we attend regular training courses – our latest being in May 2015

For an inspection with one of our qualfied surveyors specialising in Wall-Tie inspections

Call 01737 851178

Examples of corroded wall ties
An example of ties between the cavity wall
A pull test being carried out during an “updating Skill” Talk. This tests the strength of the adhesive holding the ties insitu
The country’s leading expert Bryan Hindle of Bricktie Leeds, passing on his knowledge
Testing new equipment during the “Updating Skills” talk