Face Fit Testing for Employees

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What is Face Fit Testing?

Face fit testing is a means of ensuring the correct mask is worn to protect the user.  Recent research shows that approximately 50% of masks worn do not offer the wearer an adequate level of protection due to the fact that they simply do not fit correctly. “


What are the requirements for Face Fitting?

COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) 2000

CLaW (Control of Lead at Work) 2002

CAR (Control of Asbestos Regulations) 2002

The HSE directive for face fitting masks stipulate that testing must be carried out when determining the mask to be worn.  Face Fit testing ensures that the mask fits adequately.

The HSE Directive can be found by clicking this link HSE Directive


The HSE directive for face fitting masks can be found by clicking this link HSE Directive

The HSE stipulates that the mask is:

Adequate – It is right for the hazard and reduces exposure to the level required to protect the wearer’s health.

Suitable – It is right for the wearer, task and environment, such that the wearer can work freely and without additional risks due to the RPE

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What masks does the regulation apply to?

Re-usable filters or cartridge half masks

Powered Respirators

Disposable half masks

Full breathing apparatus masks

Full face filter/cartridge masks


We are pleased to announce that Sophie is now an approved Face Fit Tester.


Face fit Testing

Sophie has been accredited for face fitting our technicians and surveyors.   The test takes approximately 10 minutes where a hood it placed over the head and shoulders  .She sprays a solution into the hood while the Technician  turns his head from side to side and also imitates how he would normally move during his work process .  Based on the results, she can determine the correct mask for him to wear.

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It  should also be noted that regular record keeping is paramount and should be kept for 40 years!