What is a Damp and Timber in contact Survey ?

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Damp and Timber Survey when buying a property

Have you been asked for a damp and timber survey?

What does ” Timbers in Contact” mean?

Most people are flummoxed by the “timbers in contact” phrase . Basically, it’s the timbers that may be touching the damp wall.
When timbers are initially inserted, they should be ” isolated” from the wall, ie not touching it. Therefore if the wall becomes damp, it doesn’t affect the timbers.

Damp Timber inspection

Timber in Contact Inspection



What are the implications of the timbers touching a damp wall?


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It can be catastrophic! and this is why the mortgage and building societies insist on these being inspected. Damp timbers are at risk of becoming affected with Wet Rot Fungii and if this occurs it can cause the timbers to lose their integrity which will require the timbers being replaced with new.
Even more devastating is the potential of Dry Rot Fungus occurring. This type of rot can travel underneath floors ( and behind plaster) undetected and for this reason, wherever possible, the timbers should be inspected to as wide an area as possible.

However, the dampness in the timbers are not always caused by the damp wall – there can be a whole host of reasons, an underfloor plumbing leak to name just one example.



What will we do in the inspection?

Lifting the floorboards in a damp and timber inspection.

Lifting the floorboards in a damp and timber inspection.


As part of our inspection, we will lift a few floorboards where accessible and inspect the timbers. Meter readings will be taken to the timbers and a visual inspection undertaken for signs of Dry Rot, Wet Rot and woodworm.

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