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Dry-Rot Outbreak and Treatment

A report on our findings was sent to the client together with a quotation of costs. During a Damp and Timber Survey, our Surveyor suspected a problem with the timber floor. Photos taken at random showed an outbreak of Dry-Rot Fungus. …

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Air Bricks and their purpose

  We are often asked why air bricks in the wall are important. Another question we are regularly asked is “ What does my Mortgage Valuer/Surveyor mean by “improve the sub floor ventilation”? In simple terms, an air brick is…

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Future surveyor?

Why do you charge for your surveys?

WHY DO YOU CHARGE FOR YOUR SURVEYS WHEN SOME OTHER COMPANIES DON’T ?             Please let me explain: As a company we take pride in our efficiency.  Everything is communicated in writing for complete transparency…

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