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Do you need a woodworm treatment in Reigate? Welcome to Shaw Preservations. We are a committed business, founded back in 1974, by Derek – a dedicated individual who kicked off his career as a young apprentice for a London Council. He climbed the ranks to be their surveyor which involved, amongst other things, investigating for dampness, timber rots and woodworm. As a team, we have a wealth of experience in the industry – so you know we are the business you need to go to.


Here at Shaw Preservations, we understand that there are many types of Wood Boring Beetles with damage ranging from minor to severe – where you may require a woodworm treatment in Reigate. The most frequently diagnosed, and the beetle most commonly associated with the name Woodworm is the Common Furniture Beetle. This beetle has the capacity to damage the timbers from laying eggs on the timber where the larvae eat their way out before mating and beginning the cycle again.


As a business, quite often we see woodworm holes which is historic due either to the timbers having previously been treated or where they have naturally died away. Diagnosis by untrained and unqualified surveyors can lead to unnecessary or incorrect treatment which can result in spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds – which is why you need to contact a professional team. We will investigate the area of concern and provide a written report documenting our findings if found necessary photos and sketch plans will also be provided.


Would you like an excellent woodworm treatment in Regiate? You need to visit the Shaw Preservations website today. However, if you would like to have a chat with a member of our excellent customer service team, make sure to give us a call on 01737 851178. Alternatively, fill in the contact form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.