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Has your property got a recurring issue of damp and rot growing in your property? Maybe there might be an issue that you don’t know about, which is why its key to obtain a wet rot treatment service in Reigate. Here at Shaw Preservations, we have been working in the industry since 1974, where we have gained valuable knowledge and understanding that is delivered into every job we carry out – so you know we are the business you need to contact today.


During the process of wet rot treatment within your home in Reigate, we will first carry out an inspection of your property to find the source of the issue. Once we have found the cause of the rot, we will repair it as quickly as possible in order to prevent any future problems. We will then begin to apply fungicide to remove the wet rot and once the surface is dry, we will inspect the results. Often the damage may be irreversible, and as a result, the removal and replacement of the timber may be required.


As a business, we are apart of many associations including PCA, SWG, Trustmark and the BWPDA, and are continuously aiming to keep up with the latest regulations and policies that apply within the industry. All of our team are highly trained and qualified as we conduct all of our own in-house training to guarantee that all employees have an excellent standard of knowledge.


If you would like to enquire about our wet rot treatment services in Reigate, get in contact today. To book an inspection straight away, you can do so on our website, just make sure that you include all of the required details so that we can get in contact with you as soon as possible. If you would like to find out further information, you can call our team on 01737 851178. If you prefer not to call, we are also available to email at mail@shawpreservations.co.uk, where we aim to reply at the earliest convenience.