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Are you needing damp proofing in Surrey? Then Shaw Preservations are the ones to call. We can provide clients with expert surveyors who can treat any type of problems regarding built up moisture. Damp in properties can lead to severe structural damage and can have serious effects on your health. Without treating damp and mould, it can produce allergens, irritants and in worse cases, toxic substances which can be dangerous for those in the property.

There are many different forms of damp such as, penetrating, rising, lateral, condensation and plumbing leaks. Each require different treatments in order to solve them and it is vitally important that the initial diagnosis is carried out correctly in order to provide the right cure. Using the incorrect treatment will not prevent damping in the future it will only be a short term solution. For example, inserting a damp proof course will only treat rising damp but will not treat faulty gutter damp, meaning it will come back eventually. But using our damp proofing in Surrey you can be sure that the job will be done correctly and efficiently. 

It isn’t rare for one property to have multiple damping issues, so using a range of different treatments may be necessary to use to prevent further damp and mould growth. Our skilled surveyors will use a moisture meter to ‘profile’ the wall, taking readings along the way at high and low levels in order to determine the damp pattern. They will carry out inspections to the skirting boards, paintwork, decorations and more to get the most accurate results, so they can administer the correct treatments. 

External examinations will also need to be carried out by experts in order to spot any defects that could be causing damp penetration and this well then help with the initial diagnosis. Our damp proofing in Surrey will be a long-term solution, preventing future moisture decay, timber decay and therefore prevent wet and dry rot which can spread through brick cause major structural damages and massively impact your health. 

If you need damp proofing in Surrey and are interested in our services you can call us on (01737) 851178. We also have a team of friendly customer service staff who are happy to help, if you have any questions about our business or inquiries about products and equipment, you can email mail@shawpreservations.co.uk. You can also use our contact form for further information.