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Are you needing to get rid of dry rot in Surrey? Then Shaw Preservations are the ones to call. We can provide clients with expert surveyors who can treat any type of problems regarding built up moisture. Dry rot fungus in properties is feared by many owners, it can cause severe harm to your structural integrity and cause many health issues. Without treating dry, it can produce allergens, irritants and in worse cases, toxic substances which can be dangerous for those in the property.

After attacking its initial source of timber, dry rot can grow undetected, behind wall plaster, through bricks and mortar in search for more timber. This type of fungus is incredibly sensitive to temperature, meaning it requires specific conditions to grow, so it is not as common as wet rot. By making atmospheric changes to your property it can help reduce the risk of dry rot growth. Our expert surveyors are highly trained in identifying the various sources of dry rot in Surrey and work hard to provide the right specific treatment to cure these issues. 

We will investigate the areas of concern whether they are internal, external or both, and by using a moisture meter at high and low levels we can easily determine the dry rot pattern and administer the correct treatment. Our team will also carry out inspections of the skirting boards, paintwork and decorations, to get the most accurate results to find any underlying issues. After the diagnosis the surveyor will provide clients with a report, photos and sketch plans, along with a quote and recommendations for other specialist trades.

We here at Shaw Preservations understand that dry rot in Surrey is a pain, but our hard-working team will provide a long-term solution with the specific treatments that help prevent future moisture decay. We can treat anything from dry rot to wet rot, woodworm as well as many other services including damp treatment, hoop irons, wall tie replacements and inspections, heritage/building preservations and basement/cellar waterproofing. 
If you need reliable solutions for dry rot in Surrey and are interested in our services you can call us on 01737 851178. We also have a team of friendly customer service staff who are happy to help, if you have any questions about our business or inquiries about products and equipment, you can email mail@shawpreservations.co.uk. You can also use our contact form for further information.