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Have you been experiencing damp problems in Carshalton? Then worry no more as Shaw Preservations have the perfect solutions for you. Since 1974 we have been delivering high quality services to all of the customers who choose to work with us. We have many years of experience within the industry and with our expertise we have been able to become a model for other businesses to look to, so you can be confident in knowing that we are one of the best companies around. We can guarantee that with our professionals, you will be able to receive the best results possible.

Our team are extremely dedicated to the work we provide for our clients, and want to make sure that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Through many years of experience, we have been able to uphold a brilliant reputation amongst our previous clients who have loved our services. Shaw Preservations work hard to make sure to help all different clients with their damp problems in Carshalton and won’t rest until the job is done. Properties are able to build up many different types of problems, this is why we have access to multiple treatments that can easily remove these issues and prevent them from occurring again in the future.

As a leading company, we have been able to offer the perfect treatments for damp problems in Carshalton and can work on many different types of issues including penetrating, rising, lateral, condensation and plumbing leaks. If you are to leave these problems untreated, not only can it cause major stains and mould, it can even result in severe structural damage to your property. However, by using our reliable services you can be sure to receive multiple safe solutions that won’t damage any of your home interior.

You should give your property the best care possible, so why not use Shaw Preservations and solve all your damp problems in Carshalton today? We will thoroughly inspect your paintwork, decorations and skirting boards and use a moisture meter to ‘profile’ the affected areas and measure the damp pattern  in order to apply the right treatments and give our clients a high quality service so that damp, mould and mildew will be problems of the past.

So if you are struggling with damp problems in Carshalton, you should call Shaw Preservations today on 01737 851178 and our team will happily assist you with anything you may need. For any questions that you may have, you can email mail@shawpreservations.co.uk or use the contact page on the website and our customer service team will answer any inquiries that you may have in regards to our business and equipment.