BWPDA British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association

woodworm removal, Fungal Decay, Rising Damp, Cellar Waterproofing, Wall Tie Replacement, Hoop Iron Removal


Shaw Preservations

Shaw Preservations Limited was set up in 1974 to specialise in the eradication of woodworm, fungal decay and rising damp in buildings, plus cellar waterproofing. This was expanded in 1987 to cover wall tie replacement and hoop iron removal.

In view of the amount of rogue traders, it is strongly recommended that any work carried out with regards to damp and timber surveys should be with a BWPDA appointed contractor.

  • Our surveyors DO NOT work on commission.
  • All our surveyors are fully qualified.
  • Should you have any work carried out by Shaw Preservations, at least one member of staff will have been employed with Shaws for at least 10 years thereby solving unforeseen problems very quickly (most staff have been with us for over 20 years!!)
  • We carry out work for Housing Associations, Councils, Architects, Surveyors, Estate Agents, Building Contractors etc.
  • We are members of:

    BWPDA (British Wood Preservation & Damp-proofing Association)
    PCA (Property Care Association)
    SWG (Structural Waterproofing Group)
    GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance Company)
    TrustMark (Governments approved scheme)
    BWC (Surrey Trading Standards Approved list)

  • We only use top quality chemicals at the right concentrations in the recommended quantities. In most cases the materials used are environmentally safe.
  • Our insurance is NOT a warranty and is not dependant on a chemical company.
  • We offer 20-year guarantees for Timber treatments and damp-proofing Free of charge.
  • We are the largest specialists of Hoop Iron and can survey, remove and insert Hoop irons.

When comparing quotations from other companies, we recommend you look for the following:

  • The surveyors are qualified, look for

  • CRDS/CTIS (damp/timbers) - Usually held by older members of the association as these were taken before the newer qualification below.

  • CSRT (both the above plus the Health & Safety and law qualification)

  • CSSW (basement Waterproofing)

  • Check the person carrying out the inspection has full qualifications.

  • The Company is a member of the PCA (formerly known as the BWPDA)
  • Some companies say they are “approved Contractors of ……” this means the chemical company allows them to sell their chemicals!! Some of our office staff have been on the same course as these “Approved Contractors” in order to deal more efficiently with any enquiries you have ( but we wouldn't let them survey your property!!)
BWPDA British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association
PCA Property Care Association
Surrey Trading Standards Approved List
Structural Waterproofing Group
Trust Mark, Goverments Approved Scheme
GPI, Gaurantee Protection Insurance Company
British Wood Preservation & Damp-proofing Association
Property Care Association
Surrey Trading Standards Approved List
Structural Waterproofing Group
Governments Approved Scheme
Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd

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